Anju Jolly Mosaics
All of our lives are mosaics, fragments of experiences that come together to make us whole. As a mosaic artist I aim to bring my own fragments together - childhood in India, devotion to dance and music, adulthood in America, my faith, career as a professor, roles as wife and mother - into pieces that reflect how I live my life now. I make liberal use of vibrant colors and texture to capture the emotions of life being lived in dancers, in nature, in floral designs and in timeless themes. My hope is that as you experience images in my gallery, it may help you see life a little more beautiful and enlightening.

In the beginning I plan my pieces with much precision but as the mosaic progresses, the objects, the colors, the shapes and the motion in my pictures take on a life of their own as if to help me discover the beauty in their symbiosis.