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15" x 30"

Size, 15" x 30" + 1" wood frame. Wt 25 Lbs
This is based on the Parable of the Great Banquet Matthew 22:1
A man planned a great banquet and sent out the invitation. One after another, the invited guests made excuses for not coming. (The banquet is a metaphor for the Messianic kingdom and the invited guests were the Jewish nation.) The angry master, told his servants to invite townspeople. (this refers to an invitation to the gentiles). This piece shows the banquet table in the middle, on the left, the white flowers wilted represent the Jewish nation, separated from the table. On the right of the table are flowers of all different colors and shapes representing the gentiles. The very top left shows a large butterfly representing the God's power of renewal of hearts for those who join at his banquet table.

Shipping is not included. Allow four weeks for delivery via UPS or FedEx. Please contact me for more details and questions.

If you want to donate this to a church, this will make a tax-deductible purchase. Also, I will provide a small narrative about the parables that can be added to the wall. Please contact me if you need help with that.
Return: 30-day limit. Because mosaics are so heavy return shipping costs will be on you.