Art Work Sold > Parable - Possibilities (sold)

Size 15" x 30" + 1 " Wood frame, Wt 23 Lbs
This is the third piece after my Husband’s death. As I seek a new purpose in life, I am struck by the possibilities that God helps me consider. This piece is based upon the parable of sower. A farmer scattered some seeds and the birds ate them (bottom right). Some fell on rocky places, where it did not have much soil. They withered because they had no root (bottom left). Other seeds fell among thorn and choked the plants (above the birds). Still seeds that fall on the good soil and sunshine (top right), produce a crop of possibilities that are endless shows by different types of flowers on the same tree.” (Ref. Parable of the Sower Matthew 13:3-8 NIV)

mosaic, flower, prabale of sower, god, possibilities, dream, sub, pink, white, monochromatic
Vitreous glass, beads, stained glass
30" x 15" with 1 inch wood frame, Wt 24 Lbs