Commissions > I Love to Read

This is a 3ft x 4ft piece created for public library in DuBois Pa.
It is made on wood.
A piece like this is $300-350 per Sq Ft
DuBois Public Library
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children, kids, read, reading, book, books, rabbit, tree, monkey, giraffe, bird, birds, singing, garden butterfly, bumblebee, mosaic flowers, anju jolly mosaics
Vitreous tiles, beads, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, stained glass, and vangogh tiles
3 ft x 3 ft
Giraffe, red bird, mosaic, anju jolly mosaics art mural
3 feet x 4 feet
mosaic art, monkey, tree,
Mosaic art puppy, book, anju jolly mosaics