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Size, 15" x 30" + 1" wood frame. Wt 25 Lbs
Stemming from the parable of Fishnet Matthew 13:47, which teaches us that God although very forgiving will make judgment upon people when they are taken from Earth this piece is about making choices in life. Life's journey presents the duality of life, and contrasting choices we must choose from. Hence the two opposite sides and paths we take as we make choices. I do not suggest one side better than the other, I leave the choices to the individual. The top of the picture shows three shells representing the trinity, and the red color shows the blood of Christ.

Shipping is not included. Allow four weeks for delivery via UPS or FedEx. Please contact me for more details and questions.

If you want to donate this to a church, this will make a tax-deductible purchase. Also, I will provide a small narrative about the parables that can be added to the wall. Please contact me if you need help with that.
Return: 30-day limit. Because mosaics are so heavy return shipping costs will be on you.

Parable - Choices
Parable - Choices
Mosaic on MDF
30" x 15"