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Size 15” x 30”, Materials - MDF, beads, smalti, stones, glass, polymer clay. Wt 23 Lbs

This is the second piece after my husband’s death. I had to lean on my faith to continue every day. Faith in this picture is shown through little pearls that God put in me. Faith grows as one goes through difficulties. Greater the difficulties (or stones and grit) we experience in life, greater the branches of faith. Like the birds (who tend to their eggs, build nest, catch insects, or sing) I must do the work that God puts in front of me. His promises of comfort surround me shown by the white lines and the top of the picture shows sovereignty of God. (Reference- Parable of Mustard Seeds, Matthew 13:31-32, NIV)
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birds, pearls, mustard, tree, god, parable, blue, mosaic
Mosaic - MDF, beads, smalti, stones, glass, polymer clay. Wt 25 Lbs
30" x 15" with 1 inch wood frame, Wt 25 Lbs
Pearls closeup
Glass Mosaic
Pearls closeup 3
Glass Mosaic